Sanitary Product

Moustar Quick Wash detergent powder, a one-stop solution for all your laundry woes. While learning new skills and having fun, children often come home with a variety of stains on their clothes and more so often on their very important uniforms. While youre happy that they have these new experiences, the stains leave you worried. To fight these difficult stains you end up putting in a lot extra effort and use additional stain removers such as bleach, lemon etc. Its time you switch to this detergent powder and say goodbye to long laundry drills and juggling with different stain removal products each day. It is one of the premium most detergent powders available in India and has X-Tra Clean particles that combine the power of different stain removing products such as lemon and bleach. The superior technology of Moustar Quick Wash removes a variety of common tough stains like oil, ketchup, chocolate, curry stains, tea etc. With X-tra cleaning particles, it makes for the perfect wash. It is available in different packs such as the 500 gm, 1 kg and 2 kg. So go on and order your pack of Moustar Quick Wash right away and let you kids get out there, clean, smart and prepared to take on the world and leave the stains to us.

Moustar is the No.1 dishwashing brand in India. Moustar ’s Dishwash Liquid Gel is a concentrated gel containing the power of 100 lemons(power refers to the cleaning benefits of lemons). It cleans the utensils deeply and unlike dishwash bars, it does not leave any powdery white layer of residue behind on them. It provides great value for money as only one spoon of Moustar Liquid Dishwash Gel is enough to clean one sink-full of dirty utensils(as per the independent lab test conducted). Moustar Liquid Dishwash Gel also helps you to remove the stubborn malodours from your tiffin boxes. It provides a pleasant cleaning experience and gives refreshing lemon fragrance during dishwash. Its pH neutral formula is soft on hands compared to other bars. It can safely be used to clean delicate utensils and all kinds of expensive crockery including the non-stick cookware. It does not leave any scratches on the surfaces and keeps the utensils looking new. It is extremely convenient to use. Just take a spoonful of Moustar Dishwash Liquid Gel, mix it in a bowl of water and use the mixture to wash an entire sink-full load of dishes. Moustar Dishwash Liquid Gel is available in different sizes and packaging format in the market which include bottles and pouch packs

You can keep the germs and stains at bay and maintain a clean, hygienic toilet with the powerful Moustar  toilet cleaner liquid. It helps you remove the tough, yellowish stains from your toilet with its strategically bent bottleneck that enables you to pour its contents inside the deep corners under the toilet rim. It disinfects your toilet by killing up to 99.9% of germs. Moreover, its thick consistency clings to the area between the rim and the U-bend, enabling a reliable and effective cleaning process.

Kitchen Product

Moustar Red Chili Powder is beautifully red and hot adding a vibrant colour and desired ‘heat’ to a dish serving a potent bite. Whether used in curry as masala or to marinade, just a pinch or a peck, red chilli powder is one spice rich in Vitamin-C and a known-fat burner. It is a must have in every kitchen for that hot and spicy add on in various dishes. Our product is made with only the best quality crops with raw materials bought in season and cold-stored in controlled temperatures to ensure quality.

Moustar Turmeric Powder has a golden-yellow colour, warm, distinctively earthy flavour and proven anti-bacterial and healing properties that tick all the boxes. It helps in adding the perfect dash of colour for a glow like that of the sun in the dish with a base note for your preferred flavour profile, one that is mild and helps bringing out the other aromas with a little pinch of immunity-boosting goodness. We are the only brand that uses a mechanized process to peel turmeric skin

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